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Oáza Sibírského Tigra. - Project

Oasis of the Siberian Tiger

 A unique Slovak project for the protection of the Ussurian Tiger.


The beginning of this project – the building of enclosures dates back to 1999.  Many volunteers from the public and students have helped with the development.  The mainstay of the operation is Iveta Iršova whose love, devotion, kindness, patience and perseverance makes this ‘oasis’ possible.


The ‘Oasis’ is not far from Senec in a protected area of the countryside.  It is about 3 km from the village of Kostolná pri Dunaji.


Under the protection of our ‘Citizens Association’ we have 22 beautiful, healthy striped ussurian tigers (Panthera tigris attaica ); all bred in captivity and commonly called ‘Siberian Tigers’.   They are a protected species in CITES Category 1.   All our tigers are micro chipped and DNA tested.


Our aim is to rescue at least one small population from extinction.   Their descendents will hopefully contribute to the genetic pool for the world-wide breeding of rare and protected animals.


Today, the ever reducing taiga of the Russian-Chinese border area contains only a handful of these magnificent animals.   The area, called the AMUR region, has provided a declining quality of life coupled with a steadily increasing danger from poachers.


Several species of tigers are already extinct - the Baltic Tiger, the Caspian Tiger and Javan Tiger (last reported in 1976).


Here in Slovakia we have built a protected sanctuary; a ‘heart of nature’ for these beautiful animals where they can move freely in their enclosures (tiger gardens).   They are happy, contented and do not suffer from physical or psychological problems.   They are well fed and looked after.  They enjoy the kind of environment they would experience in the wild with long grass, bushes, trees, plants and a swimming pool.


Thank you for showing an interest in our project.  Of course, we need your help as it is rather costly to run this operation.  So please, please if you can, help us.


Any donations or contributions can be sent to …




Account Number 2669704105/1100 TATRA BANKA


IBAN Code SK51 1100 0000 002669704105


Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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